Facial Treatments

We start facials after a skin analysis by an expert. The expert will decide on the products that will be used. Initially, deep cleansing is performed and dead cells are exfoliated using our special natural products to enhance healthy skin cell formation. Our facial acupressure and massage techniques will help in balancing, revitalizing, and soothing the skin as well as in strengthening tired muscles. You will receive a thorough personalized treatment resulting in rejuvenated and clear skin complexions.

Express Facial (30 min) $79
Express facial is suitable for people who are on the go. This facial helps you nourish, balance and clean the skin. We use powerful cleansing, exfoliating, toning and masques. No extractions are included in this facial.

Fifth Ave Super Clean Facial (60 min) $139
Super clean facials consist of a deep cleanse, steam, tone, exfoliation, a deep extraction, masque and a massage. This facial is highly recommended oily and acne prone skin.

Sensitive Skin Facial (60 min) $139
A special masque is used in this facial, where the gentle exfoliation will soothe and calm the skin. This facial treatment is completed by a botanical spray that protects the skin against the environment.

Age Smart Facial (60 min) $139
Aged skin shows altered pigmentation, wrinkles, and loss of skin tone. We designed an Age Smart facial treatment that will help skin become healthy, firm and smoother again for a longer period of time.

Chroma-White TRx (60 min) $139
Dermologica Chroma White TRx is a special treatment used to treat freckles, age spots and other type of hyper pigmentations caused by sunlight and hormones. This treatment will not damage or irritate your delicate skin.

Multivitamin Peel Facial (60 min) $149
In this treatment, a unique combination of passion fruit, lemon, apple, pineapple and sugar cane acid are used to rejuvenate the texture of the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells. This treatment also helps reduce fine lines, sun damaged skin, and aids in healing acne damaged skin resulting in a more radiant and fresh looking skin.

Eyes Treatment (30 min) $50
Facial Mask $20

(Choice of: Tea Tree Hydration/Soothing Chamomile/Oatmeal/Aromatic Soft Mask)

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