Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy helps to improve overall health and maintain the balance of the body and bring it back into a state of pure harmony. It helps promote blood circulation, reduce stress and tension, increase energy levels and the flexibility of body muscles.

Fifth Ave. Signature Massage (60/90 min) $129/$185
In this signature massage, natural oils are used in combination with Thai pressure point therapy and long Swedish strokes. This treatment is perfect to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage (blood toxins are removed) and reduce tension. Let us relax your mind, rejuvenate your body and soothe your muscles.

Swedish Massage (60/90 min) $129/$185
Swedish massage is a relaxing and classic relaxation massage in which the therapist applies long and stimulating strokes on the top muscle layers. The stimulation of muscles will help to relax the mind and reduce tension. This massage also includes a scalp massage. You can opt for a massage using aromatherapy essential oils (an extra $10).

Cranial Sacral (60/90 min) $129/$185
Cranial sacral massage therapy is an excellent treatment for people who are suffering from high stress levels, headaches and migraines. This treatment will help you relieve pain from the lower back, shoulders, and neck. The functions of the central nervous system and overall health of the individual will be improved with these non-invasive techniques.

Foot Reflexology (60/90 min) $129/$185
This is an ancient therapy using the feet to heal your body naturally. Specific organs and its functions are treated by massaging each pressure point of the feet. Foot reflexology improves blood circulation, reduces leg pain, and specific conditions can be targeted.

Royal Bangkok Thai Massage (60/90 min) $139/$199
This is one of the oldest healing therapies in the world which were performed by Buddhist monks. This massage therapy uses ancient stretching protocols and meridian pressure points to loosen muscles that are stiff and tight. During treatment, clients will wear comfortably fitting clothes. The therapist will use her feet, elbows, hands and knees to bring the body back into a state of harmony. The therapeutic treatment helps increase blood circulation, vital energy and motion, and reduces stress. This massage therapy also includes a scalp massage.

Deep Tissue Massage (60/90 min) $139/$199
This massage therapy is more intensive and focuses on deeper tissue layers and muscles. Stiffness, stress and tension mainly occur on the deeper tissue layers and muscles in the body. If this is your first time doing this treatment, please be aware that your body might feel a little sore for 1 to 2 days after the massage. This sore feeling will go away quickly, leaving an energetic and revitalized body. For best results, you can use an herbal poultice to quicken recovery (an extra $30). This therapy includes a scalp massage.

Sports Massage (60/90 min) $139/$199
Sports massage was specifically designed for gym-goers and athletes. It helps them prepare their bodies well in advance for a great performance. It also helps with recovery after sports related events and workouts. Be advised that you will have to specify the body parts that require specific attention to your therapist. This massage therapy reduces chronic pains and improves the range of motion. The results can be enjoyed by speeding up the recovery by using an herbal poultice which is available to you for an extra $30. This therapy also includes a scalp massage.

Maternity Massage (Pre/Post- natal) (60/90 min) $139/$199
This gently massage is perfect for pregnant women as the massage is comforting and nurturing. The massage helps reduce physical pain caused by weight gains (sciatica and lower back pain) and emotional discomforts of pregnancy. This therapy also includes a scalp massage.

Hot Stone Massage (60/90 min) $139/$199
This massage is performed using river hot stones to help reduce muscular tension. You will fall into a state of deep relaxation as the warmth of the stones penetrates your body. This massage improves the process of natural healing in the body and thereby rejuvenating the body. This therapy is excellent with aromatherapy essential oils are available to you for an extra $5. This therapy also includes a scalp massage.

Four-Hands Detoxifying (60/90 min) $235/$355
Two well-trained therapists perform this massage. This massage detoxifies your body as well as reduces the mental stress providing deep and powerful relaxation. It also increases the blood circulation and blood flow in the body which in turn promotes healthy metabolism and provides relief from body pain. This therapy also includes a scalp massage.

Legendary Massage (6 Hands) (60/90 min) $359/$529
This massage will allow you to experience deep sensations. Three of our most experienced therapists will pamper you to take you into a heavenly state with the help of house blended aromatherapy essential oils. This therapy also includes a scalp massage.

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