Nail Care

Classic Manicure $25
A classic manicure includes cuticle cleaning, nail cutting, filing, shaping and buffing. A hot towel and moisturizing massage after the manicure will leave you with nice and smooth hands. You can select the OPI colors.

Classic Pedicure $40
A classic pedicure includes a moisturizing massage, hot towel application and all the benefits included in a classic manicure. You can select the OPI colors.

Spa Manicure $45
A spa manicure treatment will help your nails and hands look young and beautiful. All the benefits in a classic manicure are included in this treatment in addition to OPI paraffin and exfoliation. You will enjoy the beauty of your hands after this treatment.

Spa Pedicure $60
A spa pedicure treatment includes all the benefits included in a classic pedicure. This exclusive foot treatment includes leg and foot exfoliations, a moisturizing mask and a ten minute soothing and relaxing foot massage. This pedicure will leave you with beautiful and healthy feet.

You should consider doing a classic manicure & classic pedicure together, and a spa manicure & spa pedicure together to achieve maximum benefits.

Gel Manicure $50

French Manicure $30

French Pedicure $45

Manicure & Pedicure $60

Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure $100

French Manicure & French Pedicure $70

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